Current Probe

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The current probe shall be selected considering the following: the size of the harness to be measured, the frequency range required by the test plan, and the sensitivity of the probe necessary to measure signals at the limit level.

NOTE – Typically, a current probe is a transducer which converts current to voltage. As such, its calibration factor is often called a transfer impedance curve and is given in W or dB(W). (See annex C.)

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    SKU: sku-810

    Fischer F-35A 100 Hz – 108 MHz Current Monitor Probe

    Aperture: 32 mm
    Connector type: Type-N
    Dimensions: Internal diameter: 32 mm External diameter: 98 mm Height: 38 mm
    Frequency range: 100 Hz – 100 MHz
    General Data: Technical Details
    High frequency 3dB cut-off: 108 MHz
    Low frequency 3dB cut-off: 100 Hz
    Maximum peak current: 100 Amps
    Output resistance: 50 Ohms
    Probes: Current monitoring

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