MIL-STD-461 CE102

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Using the measurement system hardware including the LISN, cable, limiter, attenuator, and spectrum analyzer to measure the voltage at the LISN measurement port. The measurement system software should apply the appropriate correction and conversion factors to reduce the data. The resulting measurement should be 6 dB below the limit ±3 dB.

CE 102 Purpose

Conducted emissions, power leads

This requirement is applicable from 10 kHz to 10 MHz for all power leads, including returns, which obtain power from other sources not part of the EUT.

This test procedure is used to verify that electromagnetic emissions from the EUT do not exceed the specified requirements for power input leads, including returns.

Test Equipment

The test equipment shall be as follows:

a. Measurement receiver

b. Data recording device

c. Signal generator

d. Attenuator, 20 dB, 50 ohm

e. Oscilloscope

f. LISNs

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