ISO 16750-2

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  • EM Test

    SKU: sku-817

    EM Test LD 200N Load Dump Generator for ISO 16750-2

    Output: +/- output Safety laboratory connectors Coupling To the battery +lineDecoupling Via diodeDUT supply Max. 80V/30A
    Freestyle Mode Micropulses: Rise time 1us 10us - 90us with 10us steps 100us - 900us with 100us steps 1ms - 10ms with 1ms steps Pulse duration 10ms - 1,200ms Int. resistor 0.5ohm - 38ohm, in steps of 0.1ohm
    Test Standards: ISO 7637-2 Pulse 5b for 12V and 24V, ISO/WD 16750 Pulse 5b, and much more
    Test Routines: Quick Start, User Defines Routines, Standards Test Routines Service
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  • EM Test

    SKU: sku-596

    EM Test Automotive Test System for ISO 7637-2

    Repetition rate: 0.2s - 99.0s
    Test Routines: Quick Start, User Defines Routines, Standards Test Routines Service
    Test voltage: 20V - 600V ± 10% (peak voltage and polarity as per selected standard)
    AS PER ISO 7637-2 THE FOLLOWING STANDARDS CAN BE COVERED: SAE J1113, GM 3097, BMW, Volkswagen, PSA, Chrysler PF 9326, DC 10614, Renault, FIAT, Mitsubishi, Honda, Ford ES-XW7T,
    Burst duration: 0.1ms - 999.9ms
    Electrical Fast Transients: EFT/Burst module for test pulses 3A/3B
    Freestyle Mode Micropulses: Programmable Rise time 1us - 10us in steps of 1us; Pulse duration 50us - 10,000us; Int. resistor 2ohm - 100ohm in steps of 5ohm; 200ohm, 400ohm and 450ohm
    Input: DUT supply +/- DC voltage from VDS 200N or any other DC supply; Pulse 5, 7 From one LD 200N
    ISO PULSE 1 (12V): Rise time 1us +0%/-50% (10% - 90%); Pulse duration 2ms ± 10% (10% - 10%); Int. resistor 10ohm ± 10%
    ISO PULSE 1 (24V): Rise time 3us +0%/-50% (10% - 90%); Pulse duration 1ms ± 10% (10% - 10%); Int. resistor 50ohm ± 10%
    ISO PULSE 2 (12V/24V): Rise time 1us +0%/-50% (10% - 90%); Pulse duration 50us ± 10% (10% - 10%); Int. resistor 2ohm ± 10%
    ISO PULSE 6 (12V) AS PER ISO 7637-1:1990: Rise time 60us +0%/-50% (10% - 90%); Pulse duration 300us ± 10% (10% - 10%); Int. resistor 30ohm ± 10%
    Micropulse: Micropulse module for test pulses 1, 2A and 6
    Output-2: DUT supply +/- Central DUT output Coaxial output; port To connect the capacitive coupling clamp as per ISO 7637-3:2007
    Outputs: Direct Via 50ohm-coaxial connector (for tests using e.g. a capacitive coupling clamp); Coupling mode To the + battery line (supply lines); CRO trigger 5V trigger signal for oscilloscope
    Polarity: Positive/negative (Pulse 3b/3a)
    Pulse duration: 150ns ± 45ns
    Repetition rate-2: 10ms - 9,999ms
    Rise time: 5ns ± 1.5ns
    Source Impedance: 50ohm
    Spike frequency: 0.1kHz - 200kHz
    Test duration: 0:01min - 999:59min
    Test Routines-2: Quick Start On-line adjustable parameters, easy-to-use; Standard Test routines As per ISO 7637-2:2011, Levels 1 - 4; User Test routines Random burst release Change voltage after T Change frequency after T
    Test Voltage: 25V - 1,000V ± 10%
    Trigger: automatic, manual, external, battery switch
    Trigger of bursts: Automatic, manual, external
    UCS 200N Models: Built-in coupling/decoupling networks: UCS 200N50, 80V/50A, 100A@500ms; UCS 200N100, 80V/100A, 150A@500ms; UCS 200N150, 80V/150A UCS 200N200 80V/200A
    Verification: As per Annex C of ISO 7637-2:2011 into 50ohm and 1,000ohm load
  • EM Test

    SKU: sku-1186

    EM Test PFS 200N Power Fail Simulator for Automotive and EV Electronic Components

    Applications: Automotive Power Fail Simulator For Voltage Dips and Interruptions
    Standards Met: ISO 16750-2
    OEM Standards Met: BMW GS 95003-2, Fiat 9.90110, Ford EMC-CS-2009.1, GMW 3172, Hyundai Kia ES, IVECO 16-2103, Mack Trucks 606GS15, Mitsubishi ES-X82010, PSA B21 7110, Volvo STD 515-003, Ford FMC 1278, BMW GS 95024-2-2, Jaguar JLR-EMC-CS, Tesla TS-0000425-05
    Max EUT DC Voltage (W/ Built In CDN): 80 Volts
    Max EUT DC Current (W/ Built In CDN): 30 Amps
    Peak Inrush Current Capability: 70 Amps

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