Rent EMC Test Equipment

Rental Considerations

Reasons Why Most Our Customer Rent

Minimize delays and up front costs.

Large equipment purchases can be challenging. The EMC Shop has spent money and energy procuring the common anc un-common test equipment for immediate use.

Save costs that typically aren't considered

The MSRP will not likely be the only costs incurred on any piece of test equipment. With the rising interest rates, standard equipment financing is less practical. Equipment for a specific project. Poor asset management and maintenance programs.

Evaluating the leading technologies

Was the iPhone 8 much better than iPhone 7.

It's in the eye of the beholder. Advancements in test equipment technology is slower than commercial electronics. Customers will rent to evaluate new equipment before investing the time, energy and money in what could be a tall project.

The Rental Process

  1. Specify Shipping Speed

    The website allows for overnight shipping, ground, freight and Uber to the Bay Area.

  2. Order Online or Work with a Sales Agent

    There are many ways to get you equipment immediately to allow for testing.

  3. Technical Review

    The EMC Shop personnel reviews the equipment and applications. We may contact you to ensure you receive everything needed to perform testing.

  4. Review Manuals & Videos

    Setup and how-to videos for most popular test equipment is available.

  5. Retain Packaging for return shipment

    No RMA is necessarry, rentals are prorated daily and will be automatically terminated upon receipt and inspection of equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast can I get the equipment?
Most orders ship the same day as the orders and many customer opt to ship overnight to minimize downtime. Bay area orders can be picked up or Ubered the same day.

What comes with my equipment?
The standard accessory kit is provided with each piece of equipment. These can be typically found on the datasheet. For rentals consisting of several pieces of equipment, it is verified to ensure everything for the test setup is on the order.

When does my rental start?
Rentals begin and end at The EMC Shop loading dock. 2 free days are added for transit time.

What if I need to extend my rental?
The EMC Shop's system will automatically bill any asset that has been checked out on rent against a credit card on file or against the original Purchase Order. If a new PO is required for each months rent and would like to receive reminders please make a note when placing your order.

I'm done with my rental, where/how do I send it back?
No RMA is needed, simply box the equipment safely and ship back insured to:

The EMC Shop
3830 Atherton Road
Rocklin, CA 95765

If your testing equipment was shipped freight and would like us to coordinate logistics contact us.

Returning Rentals

About The EMC Shop

The EMC Shop is an ISO 17025 accredited company, registered government contractor and an established vendor in Exostar, Ariba and other purchasing networks for large companies.

Our large inventory has made as a preferred North American vendor and utilized to furnish companies quickly around the globe.

The Rental Process - Video Overview

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