Automotive Compliance Testing 
At The EMC Shop, we provide advanced automotive testing solutions for EVs, self-driving vehicles, and other advancements. Our services include conducted immunity testing, current injection, and RF susceptibility testing for wiring systems. We strive to meet your unique testing needs with unparalleled solutions.

Spectrum Analyzers for EMC
Need a reliable Spectrum Analyzer for accurate EMC testing? Our high-quality analyzers meet complex testing demands with advanced features to meant any standard with user friendly and intuitive controls. Trust in our dependable results every time. Contact us to learn more and find the perfect spectrum analyzer for your needs.

RF/Radiated Immunity Testing
Seeking high-quality equipment for accurate RF / radiated immunity Testing? Here at your trusted source of RF Testing equipment, The EMC Shop. We offer a comprehensive range of reliable products designed to meet the demands of RF immunity testing, enabling you to ensure the robust performance and compliance of your electronic devices in the face of electromagnetic disturbances.

Bulk Current Injection (BCI) Test Setup
Researching reliable Bulk Current Injection (BCI) test setups?  If so, The EMC Shop can help. Our team of experts can provide you with comprehensive solutions to ensure that your products meet the necessary standards of BCI testing.

EMC Conducted Emissions Testing and Setup
trying to find Reliable Equipment for Accurate Conducted Emissions Measurements? Our wide range of products designed to help achieve compliance standards. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows you to accurately measure and analyze these emissions, ensuring your devices pre compliance conducted immunity testing.

Smartphones Electromagnetic Radiation
Wtih concerns of the potential dangers of smartphones emitting electromagnetic radiation, here at The EMC Shop we have equipment and solutions you need to properly test emissions of cellular devices. Experts agree that it's important to take precautions, and even more importantly adequate testing for It.

CE Marking
In search of CE marking for your products? At The EMC Shop, We offer comprehensive solutions to help ensure your products meet pre compliance and other necessary standards for CE marking. Our team is committed to providing top-quality Equipment and services. Click here to Learn more about our EC marking services and solutions.