TEM Cells

For the purpose of this test, the septum of the TEM cell functions in a similar way to a receiving antenna.

Rent, buy or lease TEM Cells for CISPR 25 Section 6.6 testing. The EMC Shop specializes in automotive radiated emissions and immunity compliance testing.

The TEM cell shall have a connector panel connected as close as possible to a plug connector (see figure 5). All supply and signal leads from the EUT are directly connected to the artificial harness (e.g. a lead frame). The plugs at the connector panel which are not required shall be sealed so that they are r.f.-tight.

The connection of the positive power lead shall be through the AN (see, direct at the connector panel. It is not permitted to ground the EUT directy to the TEM cell floor. The grounding shall be doneat the connector panel.

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