Military Transient Pulse Generators

Military Transient Pulse Generators

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Military transient pulse generators are required to meet conducted susceptibility test standards such to MIL-STD 461, RTCA DO-160 and others. Generating the electrical transient pulses and, typically using an internal coupler, the military transient pulse generators apply waveforms defined in test standards to supply lines and sub assemblies used in military electronics, vehicles and weaponry.

The EMC Shop stocks a variety of calibrated pulse generators from Solar Electronics, 3ctest and AE Techron. Rent or buy a transient pulse generators for virtually any military test standard requiring susceptibility testing. Software can be easily added and integrated to include additional tests as required.

Pulse generators are supplied with the ancillary equipment called out in specific test setups. Supplying the test diagram ensures the correct solution is provided. It is also to important to distinguish what tests are required vs what tests would be nice to accomplish but not essential.

Video Bulk Current Injection MIL STD 461 CS114

The EMC Shop stocks Military Transient Pulse Generators for conducted susceptibility testing to MIL-STD-461 and more.

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