GTEM Cells / TEM Cells

GTEM Cells / TEM Cells

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Transverse Electro-Magnetic (TEM) cell for EMI and EMC testing. Also known as the Crawford Cell. The TEM cell is used to generate accurate electro-magnetic waves over a wide frequency range: DC (0 Hz) to several MHz. EM waves generated in the cell propagate in transverse mode and have the same characteristics as a plane wave. It can be used to calibrate E-field broadband probes for testing radiated E-field immunity as well as for measuring radiated emission from a product with a spectrum analyzer/EMI receiver.

The EMC Shop stocks GTEM cells and TEM cells for radiated emissions and immunity/susceptibility testing. We have personnel available to come on site, build the GTEM, setup closed loop systema and characterize per customer test requirements.

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Transport and install of a larger GTEM cell is a tough task. The EMC Shop will handle the logistic in shipping, install and validation/calibration of the chambers for accurate RF testing.

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