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Equipment maintenance is accomplished all day, every day by our technicians, keeping our rental equipment in good working order and ready to ship. Areas of confidence include high power EMC amplifiers and transient generators. Evaluations are done within a few days of receipt. 


Onsite Calibration


With knowledge up the wazoo, we calibrate equipment in accordance to the applicable test standards. Calibration technicians take a common sense approach, reviewing previous data to identify anomalies and gauge overall condition.

Creative Financing


Companies big and small have their ways of doing things. Restricted CapEx budgets, managing cash flow, urgency are all factors that we take into consideration to generate a plan that will allow you to get testing quick and save some of the red tape.


The EMC Shop staff has been immersed in the industry since the time of Pharaohs. We are always exploring new OEM’s and test equipment. We understand the pro’s and con’s of most EMC test equipment as well as the different approaches to efficiently meet test standards and requirements based on a multitude of customer/EUT conditions.

Fast Delivery

The EMC Shop stocks as much specialized test equipment as possible. The goal is to have something for all test standards, test levels and EUT configurations. We forecast both stock replenishment and calibrations to have equipment available to ship the same day in most cases.