EMC Partner TRA2000 + CDN2000A-06-20 3 Phase Transient Generator with Surge, EFT, and PFQ Testing

Test Capabilities:
Combination Wave Surge Immunity , EFT/Burst, AC &DC Dips & Interrupts
Standards Met:
IEC/EN 61000-4-4, IEC/EN 61000-4-5, IEC/EN 61000-4-11, IEC/EN 61000-4-29
CE Marking, Medical Devices, Industrial Machinery, Electronics & IT
Max EUT AC Voltage (w/ Built in CDN):
280 Volts (480V L-L)
Max EUT AC Current (w/ Built in CDN):
20 Amps (per phase)
Max EUT DC Voltage (w/ Built in CDN):
220 Volts
Max EUT DC Current (w/ Built in CDN):
60 Amps
Peak inrush current capability:
125 - 250 Amps
EFT/Burst Pulse Output Capability:
4.4 kV
Combination/Wave Surge Output Capability:
4.1 kV
Dips Power Range:
0-260Vms (5A)
External Coupling:
Data Lines (EFT & Surge)
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EMC Partner TRA2000 + CDN2000A-06-20 Overview

  • The EMC Partner Transient 2000 ESD, EFT, SURGE, Dips, Variation Immunity, and PQF Tester features a single phase 16A AC/DC CDN enabling all power-borne immunity tests to be performed on a single EUT without unplugging or reconfiguring the test set-up.

  • The TRA2000 + CDN2000A-60-20 Combination is a Complementary equipment package allowing a 3-phase coupling network up to 480v.
  • The EMC Partner TRANSIENT 2000 Tester simulates transients of different interference sources such as:
    indirect lighting in electronic systems, human body electrostatic discharges, switched inductance (Burst), power supply interruptions, and other PQF variations.

  • The EMC Partner TRANSIENT 2000 performs all of the following transient tests on electronic equipment as required for the CE-mark up to full levels: ESD, EFT, surge, dips, a.c. magnetic field, surge magnetic field, and common mode tests. A large range of accessories for different applications is available: MF antennas, three-phase couplers, verification sets, coupling kits, etc.

  • The TRA 2000 complies with IEC 61000-4, -5, -11