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CISPR 25 Test Setup - Conducted/Radiated Emissions

CISPR 25 Conducted Emission Test Setup

Welcome to our web page that provides information about the CISPR 25 conducted emission test setup. This test is designed to measure the conducted emissions from electrical and electronic devices in automotive environments.

Test Equipment

  • RF Spectrum Analyzer
  • Line Impedance Stabilization Network (LISN)
  • Injection Probes
  • Power Amplifier
  • Antenna

Test Procedure

  1. Connect the LISN to the power source and the device under test (DUT).
  2. Ensure proper grounding of the LISN and the DUT.
  3. Connect the injection probes to the LISN and the DUT.
  4. Configure the RF Spectrum Analyzer settings for the desired frequency range and measurement parameters.
  5. Power on the DUT and set it to its maximum emission state.
  6. Measure and record the conducted emissions using the RF Spectrum Analyzer.
  7. Repeat the measurements for different operating conditions or frequency ranges as required.

CISPR 25 Test Setup