Radiated Emissions Testing

EMC Radiated Emissions

Replications an EMC test lab is a challenge, however, most of our customers will setup an RF tent to isolate noise while testing their product. After setting up a directional antenna and connecting to a spectrum analyzer, they are off and rolling. Test standards can provide specifics regarding spacing, insulation, placement , etc... We have found that in most cases, these aren't detrimental pieces to getting reliable emissions measurements. Most EMI software will have the test levels pre-programmed for common radiated emissions test standards.

Materials & Test Equipment

  • RF field probes - directional or spherical
  • Analyzer or monitor - Frequency range or specific, sweep
  • Extension cable for long distance measurements

EMC Radiated Emissions Test Setup

EMF Field Testing

  • In-situ EMC
  • Site Validation (Cell towers, Railway, etc)
  • RF Interference Identification
  • Environmental Surveying
Radiated Emissions Testing

EMF Meters


Radiated Emissions Test Equipment