Com-Power CLCE-438 RF Current Monitoring Probe

Top Frequency Range:
400 MHz
Bottom Frequency Range:
9 kHz
RF Current Handling (CW/Pulse):
3/800 Amps
Test Standards:
DO-160 Section 20, MIL-STD-461
AC Current Handling (DC-400Hz):
30/50 Amps
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Com-Power CLCE-438 Overview

Introducing the CLCE-438 RF Current Probe: Advanced Compliance Monitoring for CISPR, MIL-STD 461 & DO-160

The CLCE-438 RF Current Probe represents the pinnacle of Com-Power's comprehensive range of radio frequency conducted emission and immunity test equipment, alongside its precision calibration accessories.

Engineered to meet the exacting standards of CISPR 22, CISPR 32, DO-160, and MIL Std 461, the CLCE-438 also serves as a versatile tool for applied current monitoring during conducted immunity tests.

Crafted with precision, this probe boasts a distinctive split-core ferrite design, encased within a robust circular hinged enclosure. This innovative construction enables the probe to open on one side, simplifying the process of placing wires, cables, or cable bundles into the probe window. This user-centric design sets the CLCE-438 apart, making it significantly more convenient and efficient than non-split core probes on the market.

To maximize its capabilities, the CLCE-438 is intended for use in conjunction with a spectrum analyzer, EMI receiver, or any 50Ω impedance measurement equipment that measures magnitude quantities in terms of true RMS voltage.

The Transfer Impedance conversion factor, expressed as dB over 1Ω, allows seamless transformation of voltage quantities into current quantities, represented as dB over 1 uA. Alternatively, this conversion factor may be derived from the Transfer Admittance value, also expressed in terms of dB over 1 S.

Application: In essence, RF current probes serve the crucial function of monitoring or measuring asymmetrical disturbance RF currents on wires, cables, or cable bundles, all without direct conductive contact with the source conductor. The current is inductively measured by securely clamping the probe around the conductor(s) under test, without removing insulation. Essentially, the current probe functions as a toroidal transformer, where the conductor(s) acts as a single-turn primary, and the probe serves as a multiple-turn secondary.

Current Probe Calibration Fixture: Achieving precise calibrations for current probes involves utilizing a calibration fixture that mimics a 50Ω coaxial-type transmission line arrangement. This fixture enables secure clamping of the probe around the center conductor while enclosing the probe on four sides with the outer conductor, ensuring that the transmission line characteristics remain uncompromised.

FCLCE-438 Calibration Fixture (optional): Specifically engineered for the CLCE-438, the FCLCE-438 Calibration Fixture provides a nominal 50Ω transmission line, an indispensable tool for calibrating Transfer impedance, insertion loss, and VSWR parameters. Ask our sales rep's about a bundeld kit. 

Calibration: Rest assured that each CLCE-438 unit undergoes individual NIST traceable calibration, with comprehensive calibration data provided alongside a certificate of calibration. For those seeking ISO 17025 accredited calibration, this option is available for an additional charge.

Com-Power CLCE-438 Specifications

Technical Data:

  • Maximum Bandwidth: 400 MHz
  • Minimum Bandwidth: 9 kHz (9000 Hz)
  • Product Weight: 0.275 Lbs
  • Product Height: 0.76 In
  • Shipping Weight: 0.316 Lbs
  • HTS/Schedule B Number: 9030.90.8961
  • ECCN Number: EAR99

Invest in the CLCE-438 RF Current Probe for unparalleled precision and ease of use in your compliance monitoring and immunity testing endeavors. Rely on Com-Power's legacy of excellence in RF testing equipment to elevate your testing capabilities to new heights.

Com-Power CLCE-438 Downloads

CLCE-438 Datasheet