Pulse 5a, 5b, 7 Load Dump Simulators

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ISO 7637-2 Test Pulses 5a And 5b

This test is a simulation of load dump transient, occurring in the event of a discharged battery being disconnected while the alternator is generating charging current and with other loads remaining on the alternator circuit at this moment; the load dump amplitude depends on the alternator speed and on the level of the alternator field excitation at the moment the battery is disconnected.

The pulse shape and parameters for an alternator with no centralized load dump suppression (pulse 5a).

The pulse shape and parameters for an alternator with centralized load dump suppression (pulse 5b).

Configure waveshape parameters using freestyle function on the load dump

Video Load Dump Generator For ISO 7637-2 5a/5b

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  • EM Test

    SKU: sku-817

    EM Test LD 200N Load Dump Generator for ISO 16750-2

    Output: +/- output Safety laboratory connectors Coupling To the battery +lineDecoupling Via diodeDUT supply Max. 80V/30A
    Freestyle Mode Micropulses: Rise time 1us 10us - 90us with 10us steps 100us - 900us with 100us steps 1ms - 10ms with 1ms steps Pulse duration 10ms - 1,200ms Int. resistor 0.5ohm - 38ohm, in steps of 0.1ohm
    Test Standards: ISO 7637-2 Pulse 5b for 12V and 24V, ISO/WD 16750 Pulse 5b, and much more
    Test Routines: Quick Start, User Defines Routines, Standards Test Routines Service
    $1,690.00 - $2,290.00
    Typically In Stock
  • EM Test

    SKU: sku-596

    EM Test Automotive Test System for ISO 7637-2

    Repetition rate: 0.2s - 99.0s
    Test Routines: Quick Start, User Defines Routines, Standards Test Routines Service
    Test voltage: 20V - 600V ± 10% (peak voltage and polarity as per selected standard)
    AS PER ISO 7637-2 THE FOLLOWING STANDARDS CAN BE COVERED: SAE J1113, GM 3097, BMW, Volkswagen, PSA, Chrysler PF 9326, DC 10614, Renault, FIAT, Mitsubishi, Honda, Ford ES-XW7T,
    Burst duration: 0.1ms - 999.9ms
    Electrical Fast Transients: EFT/Burst module for test pulses 3A/3B
    Freestyle Mode Micropulses: Programmable Rise time 1us - 10us in steps of 1us; Pulse duration 50us - 10,000us; Int. resistor 2ohm - 100ohm in steps of 5ohm; 200ohm, 400ohm and 450ohm
    Input: DUT supply +/- DC voltage from VDS 200N or any other DC supply; Pulse 5, 7 From one LD 200N
    ISO PULSE 1 (12V): Rise time 1us +0%/-50% (10% - 90%); Pulse duration 2ms ± 10% (10% - 10%); Int. resistor 10ohm ± 10%
    ISO PULSE 1 (24V): Rise time 3us +0%/-50% (10% - 90%); Pulse duration 1ms ± 10% (10% - 10%); Int. resistor 50ohm ± 10%
    ISO PULSE 2 (12V/24V): Rise time 1us +0%/-50% (10% - 90%); Pulse duration 50us ± 10% (10% - 10%); Int. resistor 2ohm ± 10%
    ISO PULSE 6 (12V) AS PER ISO 7637-1:1990: Rise time 60us +0%/-50% (10% - 90%); Pulse duration 300us ± 10% (10% - 10%); Int. resistor 30ohm ± 10%
    Micropulse: Micropulse module for test pulses 1, 2A and 6
    Output-2: DUT supply +/- Central DUT output Coaxial output; port To connect the capacitive coupling clamp as per ISO 7637-3:2007
    Outputs: Direct Via 50ohm-coaxial connector (for tests using e.g. a capacitive coupling clamp); Coupling mode To the + battery line (supply lines); CRO trigger 5V trigger signal for oscilloscope
    Polarity: Positive/negative (Pulse 3b/3a)
    Pulse duration: 150ns ± 45ns
    Repetition rate-2: 10ms - 9,999ms
    Rise time: 5ns ± 1.5ns
    Source Impedance: 50ohm
    Spike frequency: 0.1kHz - 200kHz
    Test duration: 0:01min - 999:59min
    Test Routines-2: Quick Start On-line adjustable parameters, easy-to-use; Standard Test routines As per ISO 7637-2:2011, Levels 1 - 4; User Test routines Random burst release Change voltage after T Change frequency after T
    Test Voltage: 25V - 1,000V ± 10%
    Trigger: automatic, manual, external, battery switch
    Trigger of bursts: Automatic, manual, external
    UCS 200N Models: Built-in coupling/decoupling networks: UCS 200N50, 80V/50A, 100A@500ms; UCS 200N100, 80V/100A, 150A@500ms; UCS 200N150, 80V/150A UCS 200N200 80V/200A
    Verification: As per Annex C of ISO 7637-2:2011 into 50ohm and 1,000ohm load
  • 3ctest

    SKU: sku-1932

    3ctest Turnkey Automotive EMI Test System

    Applications: EMC Testing on EV Electric Vehicles Batteries & Charging Stations, Automotive Electrical Disturbances
    Standards Met: ISO 7637 ,FMC1278, ISO 16750-2 & More
    Max EUT DC Voltage (w/ Built In CDN): 60 Volts
    Max EUT DC Current (w/ Built In CDN): 30 Amps
    Peak Inrush Current Capability: 100 Amps
    Pre-Programmed Pulses: ISO 7637-2 (Pulse 1, 2a, 3a, 3b)
    Typically In Stock

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