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IEC 61000-4-6 Testing, Setup, Equipment, Procedure

IEC 61000-4-6 is a standard for testing electromagnetic disturbances along data and power lines that run to and from your product (DUT = Device Under Test). While intimidating to decipher the 89 pages of edition 5 of EN/IEC 61000-4-6, it's testing techniques are simple and will help flush out other problem areas that arise in EMC testing. Most of our custommers usually call in, rent equipment and contact us with the equipment in hand. Dialing in the test setup, sequence or anything else is usually quickly resolved to get testing underway.

IEC 61000-4-6 Testing

Most of our customers will simply place the test generator on a bench, ground everything, and be off and rolling. There are diagrams avaialble that specify spacing, insulation, placement of the generator, etc... We have found that in most cases, these aren't detrimental in precompliance measurements when following IEC 61000-4-6. The test standard is long and detailed, covering different test setups, injection methods, procedures and more. The EMC Shop can support this effort with information on your DUT and surrounding auxilary equipment.

Test Setup

EN/IEC 61000-4-6 Test Setup with CDNs

EN/IEC 61000-4-6 Test Setup with CDNs

Materials & Equipment

  • Test Generator
  • CDNs, EM Clamp or Current Clamp
  • Decoupling Device
  • Monitor Probe
  • 6dB Attenuator
  • 50 Ohm Terminations
  • Insulation Material
  • Grounding Plane
  • Calibration Kit (Optional)
  • RF Shield Room (Optional)

  • In lab or in place?
  • Determine test levels and coupling devices
  • Performance Criteria
  • Description of the EUT exercising method
  • Setup equipment and run calibration
  • Identify nearby and external contributors (if any)
  • Run test and identify problem areas
  • The recovery time of the EUT if necessary
  • Troubleshoot accordingly

Calibration Setup

Calibration Setup EN/IEC 61000-4-6 Test Setup with RFCI

BCI Calibration

Bulk Current Injection Test System Calibration IEC 61000-4-6

Helia Software

Setting up testing for popular generators such as the RFCI-75, Frankonia CIT and more.

RFCI Overview

RFCI-Auto ISO 11452-4 400mA RF Conducted Disturbances Testing

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The EMC Shop supports all IEC 61000-4-6 testing equipment and setup.

IEC 61000-4-6 Test Equipment