NoiseKen SWCS-900-1M Damped Oscillatory Wave Tester for IEC 61000-4-18 Immunity

Oscillation frequency:
1 MHz
Repetition frequency:
400 Hz
Rise time:
75ns± 20%
Output resistance:
200Ω± 10%
Output waveform:
Low frequency damped oscillatory wave
Output voltage:
0.25 kV to 3.00 kV ± 10% ( 10Vstep )
CDN capacity:
Single or Three-phase AC 240V 20A, or DC 125V / 20A
Test Standards:
IEC 61000-4-18
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NoiseKen SWCS-900-1M Overview

The NoiseKen SWCS-900-1M is a damped oscillatory wave generator for performing damped oscillatory wave immunity test conforming to electric power standard B-402 (2007) and IEC 61000-4-18 (Ed.1.0) (1MHz only) standard.

  • You can perform tests that comply with the IEC 61000-4-18 (2006) standard.
  • A voltage of up to 3 kV can be output, allowing testing with ample margin.
  • A setting screen with excellent visibility by adopting a touch panel.
  • Common mode/normal mode switching and application phase switching are possible inside the tester.
  • Built-in power line CDN (AC240V/DC125V 20A).
  • Conforms to electric power standard B-402 (2007) and IEC61000-4-18 (ed1.0) (1 MHz only) standard

NoiseKen SWCS-900-1M Specifications

Output waveform: Low frequency damped oscillatory wave
Output voltage: 0.25 kV to 3.00 kV ± 10% ( 10Vstep)
Oscillation frequency: 1MHz
Repetition frequency: 400Hz
Rise time: 75ns±20%
Output resistance: 200Ω±10%
CDN capacity: Single/Three-phase AC240V/20ADC125V/20 


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SWCS-900-1M Datasheet