EFG-40G High-Frequency Field Generator

Top End Frequency:
40.0 GHz
Bottom End Frequency:
26.5 GHz
35 dB
Input Voltage:
100 - 240 VAC ±10% 50/60 Hz
Output Power:
50 Watts
P1dB Power (nominal):
+26 dBm
Return Loss:
10 dB
Electromagnetic Field Generation, Research and Development, Laboratory Testing, Pre Compliance Testing
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EFG-40G Overview

EFG-40G: Versatile High-Frequency Field Generation

Elevate your high-frequency research and experimentation with the EFG-40G, This advanced kit redefines the possibilities for E field generation, designed to cater to a wide range of high-frequency applications where low-level, high-frequency fields are essential for pre compliance testing.


  • Technical Excellence: With a gain of 35 dB, the EFG-40G is a solid-state, air-cooled, broadband field generating system adaptable for high-frequency field generation.

  • Wide Frequency Range: Covering the 26.5 GHz to 40 GHz spectrum, it meets the demands of diverse applications with ease.

  • Power and Precision: Achieve a nominal P1dB of +26 dBm and a Psat of +27 dBm, ensuring precise and reliable field strength control.

  • Adaptable to Your Needs: The EFG-40G's adaptability extends to various antennae and waveguides, allowing you to customize your field generation setup for your specific requirements.

  • Built for Precision: Benefit from an input and output return loss of 10 dB, maintaining signal integrity and minimizing loss.

  • Flexibility in Power Supply: Operate the EFG-40G efficiently with a power supply ranging from 100 VAC to 240 VAC.

  • Tripod-Mountable: Tripod-mountable amplifier/antenna field generating unit, providing ease of setup and positioning wiht a 14-20 thread mount, alternativly featureing rubber feat for use as a benchtop system.

  • Over-Temperature Protection: The EFG-40G is designed with forced-air cooling, ensuring reliable performance even under challenging conditions.

Customized Field Generation:
The EFG-40G's adaptability extends to its compatibility with various antennae and waveguides, empowering you to tailor your field generation kit precisely to your project's unique needs. Whether you require a specific horn antenna or waveguide, the EFG-40G is your dependable partner in precision field generation.

External Signal Generator Compatibility:
When used with an external signal generator, the EFG-40G delivers a minimum of 20 V/m or 50 V/m field strength at a distance of 1 meter. This feature enhances versatility and compatibility with existing equipment.

Comprehensive System Integration:
For seamless operation, the AA1000 is recommended for providing DC power, RF signal routing, and fault detection to the EFG-40G, ensuring a reliable and well-integrated field generation system.

In an era of technical excellence and adaptability, the EFG-40G redefines the possibilities for high-frequency field generation. Don't miss out on the future of field generation. Discover the EFG-40G by The EMC Shop and stay at the forefront of high-frequency research and development.

EFG-40G Specifications

Model EFG-40G
Function High-Frequency Field Generation Kit
Frequency Range 26.5 GHz to 40 GHz
Gain 35 dB
P1dB +26 dBm
Psat +27 dBm
Max Pin +15 dBm
Input Return Loss 10 dB
Output Return Loss 10 dB
Power Supply 100 VAC - 240 VAC
RF Port WR-28 Waveguide
Additional Components Horn Antenna, Waveguide Adapter
Mounting 1/4-20 Thread, Camera-Style Mount
Customization Options Compatible with Various Antennae and Waveguides
Applications Electromagnetic Field Generation, Research and Development, Laboratory Testing

These applications highlight the versatility and significance of the EFG-40G in various technical and research-oriented fields.

  • EMC Radiated Susceptibility Testing: The EFG-40G is suitable for generating precise electromagnetic fields needed in EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) radiated susceptibility testing. It ensures that electronic devices can operate without interference from electromagnetic radiation.

  • Radar Systems Development: Radar systems often require high-frequency field generators for testing and development. The EFG-40G's frequency range and precision make it valuable in radar system research and testing.

  • Communications Testing: High-frequency field generation is crucial in testing and evaluating communication equipment, ensuring signal integrity and reliability.

  • TWT (Traveling Wave Tube) Replacements: The EFG-40G can serve as a modern, solid-state alternative to traditional TWTs, offering improved reliability and performance for various applications.

  • Laboratory Research and Development: Researchers and engineers in various fields can utilize the EFG-40G for precise field generation in laboratory experiments, helping advance technology and innovation.

  • Pre-Compliance EMC Testing: As a versatile field generator, the EFG-40G aids in pre-compliance EMC testing, allowing manufacturers to identify and resolve electromagnetic interference issues before formal compliance testing.

  • High-Frequency Signal Amplification: The EFG-40G, functioning as a preamplifier, can be used to amplify high-frequency signals in a controlled and reliable manner for research purposes.

  • Versitile Mounting: With the commonly used 1/4-20 Threaded mount, to fasten the EFG-40G to virtually anything, even a Star Destroyer.

EFG-40G Downloads

EFG-40G Datasheet