Anritsu 68369A/NV Synthesized Sweeper Signal Generator 10 MHz - 40 GHz

Frequency Coverage in a Single Coaxial Output:
10MHz to 40GHz
Output Power Range:
-125dBm to +17dBm
Modulating Waveforms:
Complex Modulation:
User Downloadable
Ultra-low SSB Phase Noise:
-100dBc at 10KHz offset from 10GHz
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Anritsu 68369A/NV Overview

The Anritsu 68369A/NV signal generator is an electronic instrument that generates repeating electronic signals. It contains an electronic oscillator, a circuit that is capable of creating a repetitive waveform.


  • Perfect as a Local Oscillator, for Component Analysis or in A.T.E.
  • Ultra-low SSB Phase Noise; -100dBc at 10KHz offset from 10GHz
  • 10MHz to 40GHz Frequency Coverage in a Single Coaxial Output
  • Analog, Step and Manual Sweep Capability
  • -125dBm to +17dBm Output Power Range
  • User Level Flatness Correction
  • Internal AM, FM, Phase and Pulse Modulation
  • 7 Modulating Waveforms
  • User Downloadable Complex Modulation
  • 10 Setup Non-Volatile Storage
  • Master/Slave Operation with Additional Generator