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Electrical and High Power Calibration and Repair Technician - Sacramento, CA

The EMC Shop seeks a calibration technician with experience in AC/DC power, capable of taking care of our assets, spot checking end of rentals, and calibrating high power test equipment. Common brands include California Instruments, Elgar, Sorensen, Chroma. This is a new area so OTJ training will be minimal. You will coordinate with the lab manager to develop processes and procedures for verifications, calibrations and repairs. You will be guided by our Conducted EMC technician, cross training to support each other when either area has high demand. We are a small company of about ~15 people and require someone who is willing to step away from daily duties and help us do what is needed to get done.

The EHPCR Technician reports to the Laboratory Supervisor and is required to work onsite at least 35 hours a week. Digital tasks including email and calibration reports can be done working remotely.

Measures of Success:

  • Completing service tasks in a timely manner (EOR - 2 Days, Service Items - 5 Days, Equipment Purchases - 10 Days)

  • Delivering monthly report and measurables

    • Quality of work (Order missing accessories, FIF or other issues)

    • Quantity of work

  • Expanding capabilities in calibration or repair to offer customers

  • Praise and kudos from supervisor and staff dependent on your role and performance


  • Calibrate programmable AC and DC power supplies, most common are 5kW but we have a couple 15kW and forecast 100kW systems by 2024. 

  • Verify and calibrate precision power analyzers, power loads, transformers and more.

  • Generate calibration reports, characterization reports and certificates of conformance

  • Identify additional accessories, manuals, etc… required for testing

  • Support system orders with multiple pieces of equipment.

  • Setup software to run test and calibration sequences in accordance to IEC, ISO and CISPR standards


  • Advanced knowledge of AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, resistance, capacitance, inductance, power, phase, frequency, microwave, electronic voltmeters, oscilloscopes, signal generators, multi-meters, power supplies, frequency and event counters, digital voltmeters, and test sets.

  • Military training or experience (PMEL OR TMDE OR Electronics) ' OR an Associates Degree in Electronics (or related technical field); OR equivalent work experience & training.

  • Working knowledge of ISO/IEC 17025 and ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 requirements

  • Training and certification in high power handling and testing safety.

  • Familiarity with EMC test standards regarding power a plus (IEC 61000-3-2, 3-3 and 4-11)

  • Familiarity with automotive and solar test applications a plus

  • Strong communication skills including written, verbal and listening skills.

  • Proficient computer skills including but not limited to Microsoft Office(Word & Excel), Internet research, data entry, etc.

  • Experience in interacting with customers in a courteous and professional manner and providing an excellent customer experience.