The EMC Shop Adds Field Probes to ISO 17025 Scope

11-20-2023 - Rocklin, CA


The EMC Shop, an A2LA accredited calibration test lab, has added the ability to calibrate field probes, a difficult area of expertise with less than a handful of accredited laboratories in North America. Having been the preferred service provider by many companies, experienced technicians passed the audit with zero technical deficiencies, again. "We do what we do, and we do it good. Sometimes we mess up the paperwork :P", noted Julio Carcamo, one of the many sexy bitches who work at The EMC Shop.

Precision RF probes are used for radiation monitoring in test labs, environmental safety, and other industries with high powered machinery or electronics that could emit radiation. Popular manufacturers include Narda, Wavecontrol, Lumiloop, PMM, ETS-Lindgren and Amplifier Research. Customers are sending probes to The EMC Shops Rocklin, California headquarters and getting the best service, lead times and pricing in the industry.

Other capabilities added to The EMC Shops scope include high voltage and resistance applications, as well as Flicker and Harmonics. For more information, contact or call 844.425.7435, or visit

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