RF Amplifiers

RF Amplifiers

Amplifier Research is one of the most known manufacturers of RF amplifiers in the EMC community - providing consistently high quality, low noise and linear amplifiers to complete radiated immunity testing. The EMC Shop stocks a variety of Amplifier Research RF amplifiers for rental and purchase (primarily used and refurbished). Upgrade or integrate AR's amplifiers into RF immunity test systems.

Amplifier Research Technology

  • Solid State RF Power Amplifiers: High Power achieved up to 6 GHz, lower power capable up to 18 GHz
  • Traveling Wave Tube Power Amplifiers: High Power RF Immunity Applications above 1 GHz
  • Pulsed RF Power Ampifiers: Utra high power for radar and military applications
  • Dual Band RF Power Amplifiers: Allow for ultrawideband capability in one box.

Amplifier Research RF Amplifiers

Amplifier Research RF Amplifiers Stocked - Rent or Buy at The EMC Shop

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