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Electromagnetic Compatibility Design and Testing Comes to Nevada

Electromagnetic Compatibility Design and Testing Comes to Nevada

Released 04.14.2018 - Reno, NV

SSCLabs opened for business in Reno offering Electromagnetic Compatibility

Design and Test services for Northern Nevada and Eastern Northern California

SSCLabs is a new facility developed around the successful model that L F Research has operated in America’s Midwest for over 25 years. SSCLabs offers clients more than 80 years of combined design and test experience.

Based in the Harry Reid Engineering Laboratory building on the University of Nevada, Reno campus, SCCLabs has been established with the assistance of the University’s College of Engineering, an affiliation with the Nevada Center for Applied Research (NCAR) and Reno’s EDAWN group.

College of Engineering Dean Manos Maragakis states: “Our anechoic chamber is a newly refurbished facility that combined with faculty expertise offers unique EMC and antenna testing capabilities. I am very excited to see it used by industry, as this type of partnership is core to our vision and strategic plan.”

The University’s Associate Dean of Engineering Indira Chatterjee, who was the key person in the College of Engineering to enable this partnership with SSCLabs, hopes that many local and regional companies will use this facility for their EMC/EMI and antenna testing needs.

Director of the Nevada Center for Applied Research at the University Carlos Cardillo states: “SSCLabs brings not only a state-of-the-art EMC lab to the region but also great expertise from reputable professionals in the field. This is beneficial not only to local and regional industry but also to our student population that can be trained in this facility. The EMC lab implementation is very much in-line with NCAR’s goal to stimulate regional innovation-based economic development, where start-up/spin-out companies, researchers and entrepreneurs can now use this valuable resource at the University of

Nevada, Reno.”

EDAWN’s Vice President, Entrepreneurial Development, Bryan McArdle states: “Having this testing capability located in our region will support our advanced manufacturing base and make the area more attractive to electronic companies including aerospace and autonomous systems technologies like drones and vehicles.”

SSCLabs performs testing for products requiring the CE mark, compliance to MIL STD 461, RTCA DO-160 and many other EMC standards. Expansion is already underway to add FCC testing. SSCLabs doesn’t just test products; they have many years of experience understanding what causes EMC problems and have both suggestions and solutions from industry-leading vendors available in the laboratory for troubleshooting designs.

No matter what stage your project is at, SSCLabs is now available to offer services related to EMC design and/or test equipment at various stages of development.

A complete list of tests can be seen on the SSCLabs website:

Several clients have already made use of the facility:

Primarily I found the ability to quickly run tests and see the results the most helpful. For our purposes you did seem to have an adequate variety of supplies.

Very pleased so far.

Conveniently located in the city of Reno, SSCLabs serves Northern Nevada and Eastern Northern California.

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