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EMC Lab Manager with ISO 17025 Capability

EMC Lab Manager with ISO 17025 Capability

The EMC Shop is a fast-growing startup, doubling in size each of it’s three years in business. We are a distributor of test equipment for product certification and have unique knowledge/specialties including automotive EMC, Lightning testing, MIL, DO-160, and automotive. A majority of our inventory includes transient generators from Teseq, EM Test, Haefely, Keytek while the remainder is RF test equipment including Signal Generators, Amplifiers and niche items like LISN’s, CDN’s and RF Current probes.

Our technical capability is FAR from where we want to be, which is an ISO 17025 accredited lab. We need someone who can stay focused while wearing multiple hats, including customer and sales support, preparing for accreditation and teaching our tech how to calibrate to 17025.

The company is 6 employees and myself (owner) – training will be minimal, but we will invest resources into tools, introduce you to industry partners and outsource repairs/help when appropriate.

Compensation will be based on experience. At that 90 day point we offer Health Insurance with Vision, Dental and Life, PTO (and 50% Gym Membership at Cal Fit). Private equity may be offered and discussed during the hiring process.

Primary Duties:

  • Setup and maintain Quality Systems and Budget Uncertainties to attain 17025 accreditations
  • Support customers and staff with EMC applications
  • Train technicians and lab personnel accordingly
  • Perform calibrations, adjustments, and basic repairs
  • Ensure all equipment in stock is Calibrated, Accessorized and Ready for Shipment
  • Maintain a list of all in service instruments with dates put in, status and action being taken to get Fleet Ready.
  • Develop calibration procedures when needed
  • Possible customer visits within North America may be needed depending on circumstances




  • Minimum four years’ experience in electromagnetic compliance testing
  • Minimum 1 Audit with ISO 17025
  • Ability to stay task and project focused
  • Organized
  • Ability to troubleshoot with minimal or no documentation
  • Good Communication Skills – Working with Manufacturers Technicians will be Regular
  • Proficient in Microsoft
  • Ability to Critically Think, Find Answers and Deliver
  • iNarte or ISO 17025 Certified a Plus