ISO 17025 Calibration Lab

Download the PDF Scope of Accreditation

The EMC Shops' calibration laboratories includes three areas, ESD, RF and Conducted Immunity/Susceptibility. Using best practice, state of the art equipment, and technicians focused on unique and niche test areas, customers have the utmost confidence in the services provided by the A2LA, ISO 17025 accredited facility.


ISO 17025 Calibration Lab - Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Guns


ISO 17025 Calibration - EMC & RF Test Equipment



EMC Test Equipment

Automotive EFT/Transient Generators

Teseq NSG 5500

EM Test UCS 200

3ctest TIS 700


Automotive Load Dumps

3ctest LDS 200

EM Test LD 200N

EM Test MPG 200


Automotive Battery Drop Simulators

EM Test PFS 200N

3ctest APS 40C10

Teseq PA 5840 and PA 5740


Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Guns

Teseq NSG 435

Teseq NSG 437

Teseq NSG 438

EM Test NX30

Thermo Keytek Minizap MZ-15

EMC Partner ESD3000

Noiseken ESS-S3011 & GT-30RA or TC-815


Surge/EFT Generators

Calibrations to edition 3. Previous generation equipment can be offered with partial calibration to previous editions of EFT or Surge standards.

Teseq NSG 3040

Teseq NSG 3060

EM Test UCS 500

EM Test NX5

EMC Partner TRA 2000

Thermo Keytek ECAT