Industrial, PV/Solar & EV/Automotive Battery Testing Equipment

Damn, alternating current was dope back in the day. But now that we have have entered the micro-verse (micro-cell) world the necessity for long lasting, reliable DC battery systems and storage is growing intensely. Especially since Katrina knocked the power out...

While The EMC Shop focused on helping customers certify electronics running off battery power, we found the segway into stocking battery testing equipment for the the PV/Solar, Automotive/EV and other industries practical.

Battery Test Systems

  • EV/ESS Battery Module/Pack Test
  • Start - Stop Test
  • Battery Characterization
  • Cycling, Life-cycle
  • Charge, Discharge
  • Fuel Cell Test-Module, Stack

On Batteries Used For:

  • EV Powertrain, Avionics Propulsion Systems
  • DC Charger
  • Power Conversion: DC/DC Converters, Inverters
  • On-board Charger, UPS, Power Distribution Unit (PDU)
  • Microgrid, ESS, PV Emulation

On Batteries at the:

  • Cell Level
  • Module Level
  • Pack Level
  • Smart Grid/System Level

Other Battery Testing Equipment: