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B2B Technical Marketing Internship - Sacramento, CA (Hybrid)

The EMC Shop seeks an individual with a good eye for product branding. The role will start with relabelling and branding (dual branding) existing inventory as well as inbound items. This includes populating equipment labels and applying them, using a laser etching machine on metal and wood, and brand anything and everything appropriately before being shipped to a customer.

As the intern demonstrates competence, dependability and professionalism, more skills will be developed in coordination with company needs and the individuals desired areas of expertise, specifically regarding digital and search engine marketing. The opportunity to elevate into a permanent position and more prominent role will be made available to the right individual. The job will begin as a part time M-F, with a mid morning start time. Once the intern can work independently, they can adjust their schedule to fit a preferred schedule.

Note - there is no social media performed in this role. B2B is much different than B2C, marketing truth vs Big Mac on a billboard that doesn’t represent the actual product. ;).


  • Laser Engraving Metal, Wood and Acrylic Items

  • Digital Label Creation

  • Applying labels to OEM products

  • Accessory and manual branding

  • Preparing OEM products for relabeling (removing existing labels)

  • HV wire splicing, soldering resistors, connectors, and miscellaneous parts

  • Cable measurements for resistance

  • Cutting of plastics and labeling

  • Copper cutting and drilling

  • Take photos of equipment for website

  • Take pictures and post equipment on eBay


  • Solid dexterity

  • Eye for detail

  • Ability to identify clean marketing design

  • Research

  • Professional communication skills

  • Computer Skills