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About The EMC Shop

The EMC Shop is a stocking distributor of testing equipment. We empower businesses to evaluate options to perform testing based on short and long-term needs. With our uber professionalism and technical prowess, our reputation has impressed well in a mature industry.


Brendon Berg worked for a big test equipment dealer and was disheartened by not understanding what his customers were doing. Power engineering this, communication protocols that… He went off on his own and started ESDguns.com, because he loved skating across the carpet in his socks and shocking his little brother with that jolt. The key objectives are, understanding why engineers need ESD testing, then understand how to do the testing, then how to connect the two with solutions, quickly.

In 2016, other colleagues from the industry joined the effort, allowing them to expand into other testing areas closely related to electrostatic discharge. Conducted immunity, then all other areas of electromagnetic compliance. Over the past couple of years, we manufacture and stock solutions including non-conductive tables, preamplifiers, LISN’s and more. Moving forward, efforts will include antenna measurements, automotive radar, and millimeter wave solutions for 5G testing.

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The EMC Shop is engaged with consultants and other engineers involved in frontline experimentation of electromagnetic effects on emerging technologies. With remote staff in California, Texas, New Jersey and Mexico, regular company meetings keep the team versed on developments and company direction based on standards or test changes, economic conditions, or technological developments. Regular seminars made for the public are also attended by The EMC Shop personnel, ensuring everyone has an excellent grasp of the needs of its customers and technical competence in electromagnetic testing.


The EMC Shop is an ISO 17025 accredited company, registered government contractor (Cage Code #7JDN6) and an established vendor in Exostar, Ariba and other purchasing networks for large companies. The EMC Shop brings the ease and convenience of online shopping to the electromagnetic compliance and test equipment market. Using the service and philosophies established while focusing on a single discipline and operating as ESD Guns,