NRP33SN Three - Path Diode Power Sensors

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Introducing the NRP33SN Three-Path Diode Power Sensor—a magnetic marvel in power measurement technology. With blazing speed, unmatched precision, and a wide dynamic range, it's the ultimate power sensor for professionals.

  • Rapid, precise power measurements
  • 100,000 readings/s rate
  • High-power sensors

NRP33SN Overview:

Elevate your power measurement game with the NRP33SN Three-Path Diode Power Sensor, the pinnacle of precision and performance in the world of diode power sensors. Here's why you need this cutting-edge technology:

Lightning-Fast Measurements:

Engineered for speed, the NRP33SN delivers an astonishing 100,000 readings per second. Capture every nuance of your signals, be it continuous wave (CW) or modulated.

Precision Without Compromise:

Thanks to its innovative three-path diode design, this sensor offers unparalleled accuracy, ensuring exceptional precision regardless of modulation type.

Broad Dynamic Range:

Experience up to 93 dB of dynamic range, setting a new standard. Plus, enjoy an outstanding lower measurement limit of -70 dBm, ensuring you detect even faint signals.

It's time to elevate your power measurements with the NRP33SN Three-Path Diode Power Sensor. Perfect for high-power applications or rapid, accurate readings.

Get the NRP33SN Diode Power Sensor today and unlock precision power measurement!

NRP33SN Specifications:

Universal diode power sensor: Ideal for diverse applications, supporting various measurement types with exceptional performance, speed, and precision. Suitable for wireless signals (GSM, 3GPP) and higher bandwidth signals (LTE, LTE-Advanced, 5G).

Impressive 93 dB Dynamic Range: Enhanced three-path diode sensor concept for accurate measurements and minimal interference.

Unprecedented Measurement Speed: Performs measurements down to -70 dBm with exceptionally low measurement noise and high-speed capabilities.

Sensors for High-Power Applications: Accurate power measurements up to 30 W, with automatic mismatch error correction and stored S-parameters.

TVAC-Compliant Diode Power Sensor: Specifically designed for thermal vacuum (TVAC) chambers, suitable for satellite communications (up to 67 GHz) with reduced outgassing during production, convenient LAN control, and venting holes for pressure equalization.

Upgrade your power measurement capabilities with the NRP33SN Three-Path Diode Power Sensor today. Experience unmatched precision, speed, and versatility in a single device!