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Calibration and Repair Lab Administrator - Sacramento, CA (Hybrid)

The Calibration Lab Administrator will support the quality, inspection and documentation of equipment and accessories, support calibration technicians to work efficiently and logistics to ensure all equipment leaves as it should. Utilizing Excel, Google Sheets and raw .CSV data, you will be importing test data into calibration certificates and uploading them to the internal drive, printing out the report and/or loading it to the USB stick assigned to the asset.

The lab admin will also act as a scribe, cameraman, and comic relief for the technicians, completing the work order and service records for equipment. Currently, most equipment are our own assets, while there is a growing amount of customer equipment sent in for repair and/or calibration service.

Currently, there are few formal processes in place, you will be given guidelines for common situations and will be expected to use common sense as we handle many situations on a case by case basis.

The CL Administrator position will begin part time at 30 hours and should expand to a full time role once the worker displays competence and independence in their duties. The CL Admin can also evolve into a hybrid role with a minimum of 15 hours in the office and will report to the Lab Supervisor. 

Measures of Success:

  • Every checked in asset has a service recorded

    • Inspection/calibration all performed according to Time Guidelines

    • Each asset has a certificate updated or created digitally.

  • Outbound orders are supplied with digital/physical copies of up-to-date certificates

  • Equipment received for order support turned around within 1 business day

  • Decrease in customer requests for technical information or test data

  • Achieving Operations Department Targets for Billings (Monthly Bonuses)

  • Praise and kudos from supervisor and staff dependent on your role and performance


  • Review inbound equipment, ensure digital test data is available, prepare certificates

  • Review new orders with Shipping and provide any needed documentation.

  • Take photos of complex orders and verify Shipping Checklist

  • Take photos of physical or functional damage identified upon receipt.

  • Prepare USB sticks with manual, datasheet, how-to-videos, calibration certificates and outbound shipment photos

  • Take test data with calibration technicians and populate calibration certificates

  • Log service records in EZ Rent Out, attach certificates, photos, quotes and other pertinent data

  • Upload new digital manuals and software to the Google Drive

  • Stock parts bins and monitor levels

  • Deliver and notify technicians of parts deliveries to support urgent repairs

  • Review inbound shelves to ensure all items are addressed in a timely manner

  • Clean and sticker equipment for shipment

  • Ensure all equipment is restocked ready for shipment

  • Support unique requests from sales or operations

  • Calibrations of ESD simulators and other simple equipment

  • Other duties as assigned by Lap Supervisor


  • Organized, reliable

  • Computer literate

  • Well spoken, mature and professional

  • Enrolled in a technical program
  • Familiarity with ISO 17025 uncertainties a plus

Pay $17/Hr + Bonuses